Terms and Conditions

We vouch for the high quality of our wines and grant you a right to return your purchases if you are not satisfied, contrary to expectations. We take back unopened bottles within one month without the customer having to provide a reason.

1.1 Purchase contracts only become valid through an order confirmation in writing or through the acceptance of the goods by the customer.


2.1 The list price at the time of order placement or order confirmation is valid for delivery.

2.2 Our prices do not include shipping costs, unless otherwise stipulated in writing. 2.3 Our invoices are immediately due for payment, net without any deduction. Payment is only deemed to have been made when we come into possession of the amount charged. We are entitled to charge interest at a rate of 8% in the case of delay in payment. Bills of exchanges or cheques shall only be accepted by prior arrangement and for processing and count as payment only after their encashment. Discount and collection charges shall be borne by the customer. We do not assume any liability for delivery in due time. 3.1We cannot be held responsible for delays in delivery caused by legal or other official regulations (e.g. import and export restrictions). If necessary, the beginning and end of such obstructions shall be communicated to the customer as soon as possible.


Delivery conditions:

We accept payment on invoice, cash on delivery or prepayment (for the first order, prepayment is obligatory). When shipping in cartons with 12 bottles each, the shipping costs are passed on to the customer without any extra fee. We deliver within the EU. For orders of more than 10 cartons, we will contact you about cheaper delivery options. Should you have any further questions about our terms and conditions, please send an email to office@zissler.at.

July 13, 2011